Since October 2010 we have welcomed a variety of guests and this are just a few of their great reviews:

“There is so much peace on this land…it feels so healing here.” (Retreat group from Las Cruces)
“We love coming here, it’s so beautiful.” (Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary)
“I saw a deer and her babies!” (A youth from Roswell)
“What a surprise, to find the Ruidoso River flowing through.” (Men’s retreat from Artesia)
  “You can feel the spirit of God in this place…” (Deacon Jesus)
“I hoped the labyrinth was here…it is!” (Retreatant from Crownpoint, NM)
“I came here not knowing what to expect.  I found peace and quiet.  I felt God.”  (Ann Hough, Canton, TX)
“To find this oasis in the desert is a real blessing.  You need to see this.”  (John, Santa Fe, NM)
    “I am still in the meadow, I think this changed my life and I am sooo peaceful.” (Kathryn C. Burnett)
“This place is unbelievable. Who would know this wonderful place is here.  Tucked back off the road and the river right there.  I rolled   up my pants and waded in the cold water.  I even saw some fish.”  (Edith M. )
“When I arrived here for a retreat, Rose and her staff were busy in the kitchen getting lunch ready. It smelled so good.  I took a walk around down by the meadow.  I saw the labyrinth and started to walk in it reciting the Rosary and I felt God right here. Amazing.  I surely will come back.”  (Lillian G.)
   “I never knew this place was here.  What a place to worship Christ.  So peaceful.  I dangled my feet in the Hondo River that was icy cold.  I will certainly be back.”  (Rosalyn C.)

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