Guillermo-Maldonado-300x168Guillermo Maldonado

Guillermo Maldonado comes to the San Patricio Retreat Center as a retiree from the education system, where he served as a teacher and counselor for 30 years.  He received his bachelors from ENMU and his Masters Degree from NMSU in Guidance and Counseling.  He served in the Army/Army Reserve for a total of eleven years and achieved the rank of Captain.  Guillermo and his wife Ida currently serve as mayordomos of the San Patricio Mission which is 130 years old.


List of Advisory Board Member of Directors

Leroy Gomez (Board President) 575-649-5758.

Jon Blazak (Liaison for Bishop Cantu) 575-523-7577.

Rose Gallegos (Liaison Bookkeeper) 575-653-4663.

Gilbert Chavez (Deacon Member) 575-354-0775.

Margaret Rodriquez( Member) 575-623–5836.

Rebecca Joyce (Member) 575-653-4107.

Fermin Herrera (Member) 575-937-7282.

Stella Herrera (Member) 575-653-4886.

Mignon Simitz (Member) 575-623-0405.

Beto Marquez ( Groundkeeper) 575-653-4597.

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